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November 04, 2012

Accutane | Week 2

Hello again. So this is the end of Week 2 on Accutane. I experienced some pretty horrible migraines. I have no idea if that has anything to do with the Accutane. I feel dehydrated all the time. I have been taking pretty good care of my skin. I have been using Antipodes Avocado and Pear Nourishing Night Crème every night and I have now begun to implement it in the morning. My skin doesn't feel dry at the end of the day unless I am outside.

It has been pretty stressful week at work but I haven’t gotten any stress related breakouts yet. The acne continues to appear flat but I do have 3 pimples that are slightly painful. The pain that I am experiencing is nothing in comparison to before taking Accutane.

I am on my second cycle of Diane 35 and my breasts continue to be tender. If I didn't mention that before and if that is too much information, sorry. But lets keep real. I have read reviews that Diane 35 can make your breasts larger. I have had no such luck.  Hehehe. Personally, I think that the people that experience this are those that have a significant weight gain on the pill. FYI, my cheeks are looking horrible.

Anyway, I will post some new pictures soon. I should do some FOTD's to balance the amount of ugly pics I have been posting.

October 28, 2012

Accutane | Week 1

Hello you. I have an update on my acne. I have just started to take Accutane, actually I am using the generic brand since that is what my health plan covered. It is called Clarus Isotretinoin. My dosage is take one 40mg capsule for 5 days a week taken with a substantial meal. The capsules are rather large and you're not allowed to crush them or chew on them. 

I haven't noticed anything abnormal. I have the beginnings of what seems to be a cold. Usually my nose starts to dry and crack and this has started occurring in addition to chapped lips and dehydration. Maybe it the cold or maybe its Accutane. We will find out in a couple weeks once I shake off this cold.

My acne is less inflamed on the cheeks and the pimples I had on my forehead are almost gone. I feel like this is a result on Diane 35. I do experience random cramps and tenderness up north which sucks.

I will keep you posted on how Accutane/Clarus is working out for me.