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October 01, 2013

Final Accutane Post

Hey there!

Long time, no talk. It’s been more than 3 months since my last Accutane post and this final update post is ridiculously overdue!

 My Accutane journey began in November and was what my dermatologist considered ideal. I didn't have any severe reactions to medication. If I recall correctly, I didn't experience any symptoms or noticeable improvements until I was a little past my 3 months mark.

Some of the symptoms I developed were dryness, dehydration, slightly low energy levels, some skin sensitivity; dry nose, upset stomach and a little more hair fall out than usual.

Now I’m definitely not going to sit here and say that I was the prefect patient when I was on the treatment. I tried to listen to my body. In the fifth month when my doctor upped my dosage I was careful to not take the extra pills unless I felt perfectly healthy. I believe that doctors do want what’s best for us but it is important to pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you.

Month 1
I was more than a little excited to start working on my skin.
 I was constantly washing my face and looking in the mirror.

Month 2
My skin felt smoother and scabs healed faster than usual. 
I did experience some minor break outs but I was happy with the progress.

Month 3
I started off the year with high hopes that my skin would improve dramatically. 
Sadly, I constantly felt very sick.

Month 4
This is when I started to feel comfortable with my skin. 
I started wearing less make-up and started to do my eyebrows! I apologize for the hideous caterpillars that I was showing you previously.
 I also became very lazy with my skincare.

Month 5
This is when other people really started to notice and comment on how amazing my skin looked.

Month 6
I honestly was sad to see Accutane go. I was also a little disappointed with how my skin looked after the acne was gone. 
I constantly thought about the times I picked at my skin. Or the giant nodes I use to get and how I would pierce them.

After Accutane
After I finished the treatment I felt extremely bitter. Accutane has a way of maintaining the appearance of your skin but once I was done it took a long time for it to balance out again. 

So, what has Accutane done for me? Well I have no node breakouts. No puffiness. My hair is growing like a weed now. My skin is normal and I have gotten even lazier with my skin. The bad? Prior to starting Accutane I had a very slight sensitivity to dairy. Guess what? I’m very close to being a full-fledged lactose intolerant. Just a couple more months and I promise you I will be. The odd thing is that only certain dairy products really upset me… like milk, yogurt and ice cream. There are other yummy foods out there but I’m a little sad.

Acne is odd. It affects your self-esteem when you have it and even now I constantly feel like I’m being robbed. I was such a happy outgoing individual and now I’m very reserved. I force myself daily to be a little more social and put myself out there but frankly it’s difficult. I have become accustom to being solo, only Mr. B and my family to keep me company.

I'm glad to be back.
I've missed you.

March 21, 2013

Accutane | Week 21

Samantha, did you forget to write an Accutane update?!
Hell no!
I've been thinking about it all week. As some of you are aware I tend to write my posts at work. I've been super busy, like always, and wasn't able to give you the dirt this week in a prompt manner.

However, I have managed to respond to most comments, which in my book is awesome for a blogger to do. Gold star for Sam. I have also added buttons to my side bar and updated my Sponsors page. I haven't actually figured out how it works but I am proud I'm getting better at working with HTML codes.

I wasn't able to take my double dose on the weekend. I just didn't feel right. My tummy was upset and I had a migraine.
I haven't had a nose bleed but I have... know you... found dry blood. Ew, no one needs to know that. My eyes have also been very dry.

My doctor told me that I’m very lucky and have seemed to respond well to this treatment without major incident. I’m a little skeptical about my health in the future but I’m glad he is happy with my results.
 I sometimes feel like his little lab rat. Luckily at the end of my experiment I live. Poor Mr. Rat.

I have read many reviews on Diane 35 and people are always saying they have either lost or gained weight. I have stayed the same. There were times when I felt like I engorged and couldn't even breathe right but there were also moments (rare moments) when I felt ‘slimmer’. I assume I perceived my body to be ‘different’ when I was retaining water.

So… Here is my face. These picture as super sexy. I know. Just can't get enough.

I feel like all the pictures I have seen of acne victims/prisoners are depressing and sad. So I will try to smile a little more. Most days it’s hard to open up and show people our skin.

For some make-up is a mask to hide under and others a form of expression. I see myself as being a party to both desires/needs.

 I have continued using Bio Oil on my cheeks and have not broken out yet. It seems like its working. What do you think? Also, my Nivea container has not left my bedside table. It has been keep me flake free for a full month. It doesn't look bad under foundation and it gives me some time to work with the Estée Lauder Foundation I've been loving.

How you doin?

March 11, 2013

Accutane | Week 20

Hey You!

I went to my doctors this week and was told that I only have 3 weeks to go.
I'm a little confused. I definitely thought that I had until the end of April.

Any-who, my skin feels so smooth. I know I'm not suppose to exfoliate but I can't help it. Exfoliating has improved the dryness on my face.

I have also started applying Bio Oil on my cheeks.
Before Accutane I tried applying Bio Oil and broke out so be careful. It seems that my skin needs a little extra love.

I purchased a new foundation which has a high coverage and I am in love.

Talk to you soon gorgeous!

March 06, 2013

Accutane | Week 19

Hey there good looking!
We are almost there! Or I am almost there.

The end of my Accutane treatment is in sight. Coupled with my excitement I fear of what will happen when I stop taking Accutane.  Will the acne-trolls show their ugly heads in a months’ time? Will I have these scars forever? What can I do about the dents (that is safe)?

As I approach the end I am finding it hard to get motivated to go to doctors’ appointments and lab tests. I don’t feel ready to be cut from Accutane’s strings.

This week I have had no break out and things are finally settling down at work. Well actually this lull or peace I’m experiencing will be short lived. We have many upcoming projects. I’m actually surprised that I have had no breakouts. I had to stop using any and all skin care products save Vaseline and Nivea (original, blue tube).

 My scary face. MUAHAHA

FYI, I have a scar on this eyebrow that's why it always looks crazy.

I know it’s been a long time since we've talked but I promise I will try harder to talk to you from now on.

Love you lots!

February 28, 2013

Accutane | Week 18

As I sat here choking on my Accutane pill I realized I hadn't done my weekly Accutane post.

Last week and the beginning of this week have been tremendously stressful and unsatisfying.
I have finally written my exam, worked like a dog and slept like a bird.

There definitely is no rest for the wicked.

I'm not sad. I'm just sleepy.

I've had more coffee than food this week which puts my skin at a disadvantage. It is dry, weathered and sallow.

I probably shouldn't complain.

I was so busy last week I forgot to take a double dose on the weekend. Also, my skin care regime has almost completely gone out the window. Next week I will reap the result of neglecting my skin.

Upside this week... overtime pay (obviously after taxes it's a little less of an upside)

Any-hoo, hope your doing well and I pray you haven't forgotten about me. 

February 19, 2013

Accutane | Week 17

So this week I had no breakouts.

 My skin has been a little dry and I was extremely emotional. I was crazy. Crying, laughing like a  hyena and giving people the 'you're dead to me' look. My boyfriend was not the recipient this week. The lucky people who had to put up with me were my co-workers. I am so blessed that the group I work with are all my age and for some reason the guys understand my hysterical whims. I can be very crazy sometimes. My skin definitely looks the same as it did two weeks ago. So no special improvement there. Also, the eczema on my arm is almost completely gone. There is discoloration  but there is no dryness.

I am super nervous for this Saturday and Sunday. Saturday is my OACETT exam and Sunday my parents will have their first sit down diner with Steve's parents. I am still unsure whether I should sit my parents down and tell them what they aren't allowed to talk about.
Is censoring your parents bad?
And should I bake something?

February 12, 2013

Accutane | Week 16

I've had a couple minor break outs on my cheeks. It appears that my theory of ‘pimples under the skin which need to surface’ is true. Also, when I went to my doctor he did say that what was growing on my arm is in fact eczema. It is not Dermatophytosis aka Ringworm… You like how last week I didn't call it that. It sounds disgusting so I used the technical name. He prescribed some cream which nuked that puppy within a day. Thoughts concluded from this week… go to the doctor. Putting tea tree oil on it and Vaseline isn't going to fix things as fast as drugs do. This is ironic actually. I don’t like taking medication or prescription drugs. This is probably why my acne and my eczema got so bad. Lately I have been getting more complements on my skin which is of course wonderful!

Bye Beautiful!

February 05, 2013

Accutane | Week 15

I am not one to enjoy pity parties.
Perhaps you might feel that this has nothing to do with acne but, I think this might be beneficial for the young ones in college/university... And frankly I didn't want to make a separate post.

As I have mentioned before I am a graduate of a Civil Engineering Tech program. In the begin of my college career I was excited and even enthusiastic about school and the people getting to meet. As time progressed I started to feel really bitter about my choice to go into Civil Engineering and I started to feel very sad. In my second year I failed a class that was a pre-requisite for the following year. I wont sit here and say that it wasn't my fault but when you are bordering depression you just can't find the energy or motivation to do the simple things.

I often would lay in bed not wanting to get up or face going to school. Nothing horrible had happened to me but I did slip into the action of living just to breath. I was not being a true participant in the world around me.

I never sought help from a doctor, friends or family members because frankly it would have been frowned on. What did I have to complain about? Nothing. I should have been happy... ecstatic for the changes happening in my live.

I don't know what trigger the deep slumber I fell into, nor do I understand what pulled me out. In the winter of 2011 I awoke one morning and felt alive. Like I had truly be awaken. I no longer felt unaffected by people and events.

Sadly, when you do 'wake-up' you realize that your non-action or your neutral being has left you in an infant. I felt left behind. It's like when your pushed forward and lack the ability or proper foundation to learn new material or make the right choice. In my third year I was in a complete haze. I needed to refresh the things that I should have learned.

 I have always been an instant gratification person and probably will continue to be that way. School didn't provided me with the gratification I needed. There were always people who were better than me and had more connections then I did.

Try to start motivated. Be hard on yourself. Grab life by the balls and don't let go. Any failures that you experience try to pass them with grace. You will look back, standing on top of a mountain, and see the remains of the distraught person you once were.

It is easier for persons who have gotten to that level of feeling blue to let themselves slip again but strive to be better. If you need to cry... Go ahead, let it out. If you feel you suck at your job... There is always tomorrow. Or if your Accutane/Acne journey feels likes its coming to a halt remind yourself that the journey isn't over. You've just started. You might not have what you expected but your a lot further ahead for trying.

Alright people this is what my skin looks like, and just for fun I am going to overload this post with my face!

As you can tell the pigmentation has improved drastically.

 So, I guess I have a doctors appointment today... I will finally be able to show the doctor what the hell is growing on my arm. This week I had three break outs and my eye lids are looking super thin. I am not feeling down but I have lost my 'zest'. So basically, no dressing up, sweat pants all day and no kisses for my bf. What else? My temper has been off the walls. I have also been very forgetful this week.

Side note... You know how in my 'Big, Fat Greek wedding' the dad was a huge fan of Windex? At my house it's Vaseline.  I hadn't even finished showing my parents my arm when they whipped out a huge tube. Got to love parents and their funny quirks.

I will see you soon beautiful.
Keep smiling.
Or 'just keep swimming'
I love you.

January 28, 2013

Accutane | Week 14

So people it’s been 14 weeks and I have shown major improvement. I have burned myself, peeled and this week I have a huge hormonal pimple on my cheek!! I know, I shouldn't complain because my skin looks great compared to the beginning of my journey but I want to see more improvement.
I started this journey being okay with a little improvement and as I have progressed it seems I'm never satisfied. I feel like I am slowing down and its upsetting.

My tummy hasn't hurt this week and my eczema has not spread... This is going to be gross, it seems like I have Dermatophytosis. It turns out that for people with eczema or that have thin skin you are more susceptible to getting this grossness. Here I was thinking it was eczema and upon closer inspection, by my mom, we started to think, “Hey this might not be eczema”. When I go to the doctors I will update you on what it really is.

Anyway I will stop my complaining!
Chio for now!

January 21, 2013

Accutane | Week 13

Greetings to all.
I know that last week I was overjoyed by how my skin was looking... but now I'm feeling like I can never catch a break. In my last post I ended the week with burnt skin  from some of the new products I was trying. This week I saw the result of my little adventure.  I was unaware how much my face had burned. Turns out it was my whole face, not just my forehead, chin and neck. My face started peeling; its really quite gross. Since I didn't know how bad the burn was I was really unprepared for it to start peeling. I had to combat the flaking with many new products. I will be mentioning them in my January favourites.

I did have one hormonal pimple close to my chin and it has healed nicely.

Other than the peeling and flaking there isn't much to complain about. I still have what looks to be pimples under the skin. I hope that they soon will disappear so I can see the actual damage that has been left.

This week I have been eating super poorly and not going to the gym. Eating like this did help me realize I don’t get pimples from peanuts. This is another way for me to tell you I chowed down on a whopping 7 snickers this week. How am I not fat?! You can see the things I eat on instagram if you wish.

I hope you find yourself in good health.
And may the force be with you.

January 14, 2013

Accutane | Week 12

This week I've had no big or even medium pimples.


I could sing with happiness… “The hills are alive with the sound of music…

Yes, I’m that happy. I had one tiny pimple on my forehead close to my hair line. Last week I was feeling all bummed out because my skin looked like poop. The texture was crap and looked horrible under makeup. This week I've had lots of rest and have been using some pretty amazing products which will be featured in my first ever Favorites! My skin still has a weird texture but its better than before.

 Woo hoo.

I finally feel like I can breathe. I have been awakened. Is that too dramatic? Probably.

I’m sure everyone is happy I did my eyebrows for this post. When I say 'did' my eyebrows I mean plucked... I probably should have filled them in and done my hair. Sorry, no need to get upset. It was almost getting to be ridiculous how ugly they looked.

I applied some self tanner on the weekend and it seems to helped hide the scariness. Obviously it didn't show up well.

One of the products I was using this week burned my neck, chin and forehead. It doesn't look like it but it has that burned texture. Ewww. If your on Accutane be very careful what you put on your face.

I hope you’re having a lovely day!

January 07, 2013

Accutane | Week 11

I always start with my tummy. It hasn't been bothering me this week but I have noticed that my body has been going through a detox of its own. The unhealthy foods are no longer as appealing as they use to be. This might be a result from the binge I had last week. Have you ever binged and noticed that the following week you've lost weight and no longer want bad foods? I know that people who hit plateaus in their diet on occasion do this to kick start weight lose.

Any Hoo. I have felt my body weakening  and my muscles feel tight. I have no idea if this might be caused by Accutane or if it could be a simple case of laziness taking its toll on the body. I promised myself that I would hit the gym regularly and guess what peeps?! I haven't even packed my gym bag.

I have been looking at my previous posts and they have started to look the same. The progress is slower than before. The texture of my skin still looks horrible under make-up.  The redness is fading slowly but I'm starting to get impatient. I have had break outs on my chin and cheeks. The ones on my chin are more like deep hard pimples. The ones on the cheeks are cystic acne but come to the surface faster than before.

Honestly these are pretty good pictures. The texture of my skin is still like rolling waves.

I'm feeling a little depressed about the improvement of my skin. How are you doing?

December 31, 2012

Accutane | Week 10

Just wanted to stop by and tell you how it’s going.

This week I decided to do a detox which I am now thinking was a bad decision. My body is already dehydrated from the Accutane but I felt so heavy and gross.

My tummy has not been bothering me this week and the breakouts on my cheeks have somewhat healed. The dry patches on my arms are not getting any larger.

Some people have mentioned that they feel like their hair is thinning when on Accutane. 
When I was on Doxycycline I felt like my hair was thinning out. It was very scary. Now that I am on Accutane it is growing back at the normal rate. *Honestly I feel likes it's growing back faster but that might be because it wasn't growing. Now I'm like Ape Women. Jkz.

Before I started Accutane I was doing electrolysis I was asked to stop by my derm but my plans are to continue with the treatment. I will have a short review on the topic later this year.

December 26, 2012

Accutane | Week 9

Hello wonderful people!
It seems like I finished off last week with minor breakouts on my cheeks. I think that's a good thing. In my mind I feel like the pimples that have been flat on my cheeks are finally coming up. Woohoo.

I continue to feel dehydrated and the eczema on my arm is starting to travel. Anyway, here are some photos... They might look scarier than normal because I had just washed my face.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday.

December 17, 2012

Accutane | Week 8

Today my tummy is super upset but it will not keep me from posting my Accutane update. We are now on week 8 of the treatment and there have been many changes along the way. This week my skin has been very smooth but I have had minor break outs on my chin and forehead that have now healed. My skin still appears to have pink marks under the skin so I still wear a light coverage foundation. I have been using the MAC Moisture Tint in Medium with a translucent powder from Mineral Hygenics.

My dosage was increased again. I will be taking 9 pills a week. I decided that the days I take a double dose will be on weekends.

I always look soo bad in these photos.

Anyway with the holidays now in effect (or at least dinner parties) I have gain the 2lbs I had lost last week. Let us hope that I do not gain any significant weight before next week. If  your wondering I did not go to the gym this week. BAD SAM. And as for my skin care I have only  slightly improved from last week.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all!

December 10, 2012

Accutane | Week 7

Hey Guys! This week I had no new break outs. Any scabs I had healed quickly and the dryness I experienced was more manageable. My lips are still peeling, my tummy continues to hurt and I have been sleeping an insane amount. I have lost 2 lbs and feel very tired and moody.
Last week I was a very bad girl. Not only did I fail with my skin regime but I also skipped Accutane once and Diane 35 once. Some might say that I am anal-retentive about taking medication for skin care. Skipping doses is not common practice for me.
Honestly I feel like I've let myself go a little. This week I shall force myself to be better. I will try to go to the gym at least twice with week and couple that statement with “I will not eat out this week”.

Oh God my eyebrows! They look soooo gross.

December 05, 2012

Accutane | Week 6

Well guys there's really not much to say about last week. I saw improvement but then had two mammoth  pimples. My tummy started hurting again and I am dry all over. My eczema is starting to flare up on my arms. My neck and ears are still recuperating.

November 21, 2012

Accutane | Week 5

Hi everyone, I am back with an update. This is my first week of upping my dosage and here's what I experienced.

This might be TMI but I have never been one to slather lotions every time I step out of the shower. If I do put anything on it is usually a body oil. Tuesday of this week I did as I usually do, which was to put nothing on (lotion... I know what you were thinking!). Sadly within two hours my skin became unbelievably itchy and dry. Suffice it to say me and Total Moisture Cocoa Radiant had some time alone in the bathroom at work.

The texture of my ears has returned to normal. They are no longer dry and cracking but still itchy and swollen.

My skin has felt overly sensitive, dry and very itchy.

My cheeks get an ashy look by the end of the day so I think I'm might have to switch to a tinted moisturizer soon.

My eyes feel like the Sahara desert. They are barely producing enough tears to keep my lids lubed up. And another complaint my mouth has been super dry and I am still having problems drinking water. I just don't seem to enjoy it. I usually do.

The stomach pains I was experiencing have subsided.

I feel like I should write something positive. As I have mentioned every week I have seen an improvement in my skin. I will begin my saying that I have been a very bad girl when it comes to skin care. I have been using the Reversa cleanser and I have not been washing my face afterward. I did experiences a minor break out on my cheek and in my temple area.

November 19, 2012

Accutane | Week 4

This week was super relaxing. I finally had time for a manicure and got my hair done. I am of the belief that in order for me to function properly I need to treat myself to the finer things in life. If my schedule allowed I would go to the spa every week. Sadly, I just don't have time. I have been getting into a routine when it comes to food. I will try to start posting what I eat daily. I do believe that what you put in your body directly affects how you feel and look.

Anyway, on to Accutane.

This Week
I met with my derm and he like the progress my skin was making. He decided that my liver can take a little more abuse and upped my prescription to 60mg once every day and two 60mg a day for one day. I will begin to increase my pills this week.

My skin looks like its purging. I have not had any flare ups but I do get white heads that heal pretty quickly. The holes are still noticeable but only time will soften the look of them. For those who have had persistent acne your skin can start looking purple in the areas where you constantly have cystic acne. Many believe that the dark areas as scars but if that were the case why do they seem to be fading?

My lips are still chapped but that's not a big deal I will need to invest in a better lip balm. If anyone cares about my ears yes they are dry and starting to peel. Ewww gross. My nose has started to peel too and when I blow my nose I find dry blood.

I had just showered and moisturized. I apologize for the wet dog look. 

Will be day with another update soon.

November 13, 2012

Accutane | Week 3

Hey you. Guess what! I bought a car! Woohoo. I bought the Buick Verano. I am super happy with my purchase. Let’s hope clumsy me doesn't do anything crazy to it. Anyway, lets talk about Accutane.

Oh Accutane why do you hate me. As I have said in the past my Accutane experience has been comfortable. There have been no serious side effects only improvement. This week has been a little different. My stomach has been hurting. Not upset like you’re about to re-visit the Chinese food you ate 3 hours ago but just pure pain. After a couple hours it passes but I will have to bring this up with my derm. Another side effect is that nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, is softening my lips. They are disgustingly chapped. I am amazed that my boyfriend still wants to kiss me. FYI, it is really helpful if you surround yourself with people who are positive and are not mean about your dry skin. I have been blessed with not having to experiences the initial breakout most people experience. I did have a minor (cystic, so still painful but not a huge honker) break out on my cheek but it is healing nicely. I sometimes have eczema flare ups around my ears and it feels like its starting again. Don’t worry I will not put a picture of that. Another random symptom that I have been experiencing is really tender teeth. It does not feel like normal sensitivity but it does feel like my teeth are loose. Crazy. I know.

*One thing that I forgot to mention last week is that all the little pits left from the acne were showing. And I was feeling super down and ugly.

My skin is looking smooth and there are less pink spots on my skin (acne under the skin). A while ago you could see a bunch of pink dots on my cheeks. I assume that they were pimples that hadn’t made it to the surface. Now they are less noticeable and only look pink when I wash my face. I am a bit thorough when facing my face and it helps me to see the true progress of my skin and not assume that the pimples are healed completely. The texture of my skin has improved. The dents/holes are not as deep anymore. 
Anyway, I think that’s it for now. 

God I need to fix my eyebrows.