March 21, 2013

Accutane | Week 21

Samantha, did you forget to write an Accutane update?!
Hell no!
I've been thinking about it all week. As some of you are aware I tend to write my posts at work. I've been super busy, like always, and wasn't able to give you the dirt this week in a prompt manner.

However, I have managed to respond to most comments, which in my book is awesome for a blogger to do. Gold star for Sam. I have also added buttons to my side bar and updated my Sponsors page. I haven't actually figured out how it works but I am proud I'm getting better at working with HTML codes.

I wasn't able to take my double dose on the weekend. I just didn't feel right. My tummy was upset and I had a migraine.
I haven't had a nose bleed but I have... know you... found dry blood. Ew, no one needs to know that. My eyes have also been very dry.

My doctor told me that I’m very lucky and have seemed to respond well to this treatment without major incident. I’m a little skeptical about my health in the future but I’m glad he is happy with my results.
 I sometimes feel like his little lab rat. Luckily at the end of my experiment I live. Poor Mr. Rat.

I have read many reviews on Diane 35 and people are always saying they have either lost or gained weight. I have stayed the same. There were times when I felt like I engorged and couldn't even breathe right but there were also moments (rare moments) when I felt ‘slimmer’. I assume I perceived my body to be ‘different’ when I was retaining water.

So… Here is my face. These picture as super sexy. I know. Just can't get enough.

I feel like all the pictures I have seen of acne victims/prisoners are depressing and sad. So I will try to smile a little more. Most days it’s hard to open up and show people our skin.

For some make-up is a mask to hide under and others a form of expression. I see myself as being a party to both desires/needs.

 I have continued using Bio Oil on my cheeks and have not broken out yet. It seems like its working. What do you think? Also, my Nivea container has not left my bedside table. It has been keep me flake free for a full month. It doesn't look bad under foundation and it gives me some time to work with the Estée Lauder Foundation I've been loving.

How you doin?


  1. As an acne sufferer myself, I think you are so brave posting bare faced pictures! Might I recommend Heal Gel? Its a fair bit pricer than bio-oil, but is so much better for facial skin and it works almost immediately. I found it really helped me with redness and stopped scarring literally after a couple of uses.
    Anyhow, your skin look great! :)

    1. Hi Anya! I have been trying to find Heal Gel locally but I just can't find it. I will have to buy it online. Thank you so much for you recommendation and my apologies for taking so long to reply.

  2. I totally get where you're coming from.
    When I started getting acne, it was terrible and I tried EVERYTHING!
    Accept Accutane. Partially because you needed to take a blood test for it and I hate needles. Anything to avoid needles.
    Now that I'm older my acne is almost gone and I've been using the Clean & Clear products which never use to work back than but now work perfectly!
    I also think you're brave for posting pictures of your bare face. You're still beautiful of course! But that's something at 24 that I could not do. I don't even leave the house without makeup!
    Anyways, great post! And your skin is looking great! :)


    1. Thank you so much! Honestly, I was never nervous about the blood tests and I would actually watch the needle go in. Now I've started to become a little paranoid. I’ve been doing it every month at the same lab and I get really nervous when I don’t know the nurse.

  3. Love estee lauder foundations! I found you on sprinkle of glitter and now following! Would love it if you could follow me back!

    1. I know I am loving this foundation and will probably buy more!

  4. I am getting bumps on the are so pretty now.

  5. How did accutane work for you? I jusr started it about a week ago. I have very minor acne, but I want it gone asap! The only thing I hate so far is the roof of my mouth burns, my face is dry, and lips are dry. I hope all of it is worth it!

    1. Hey Hannah! Sorry for the late reply... The top of my mouth never burned. Did your doctor say it was normal?

      Accutane did wonders for my skin!! It's still clear and the scars have almost faded completely. I think it's worth it in the long run. Acne was affecting my self esteem quite a bit :(


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