March 22, 2013

Random | Engineering Lovin

Hey You!

I wanted to share this song with you. As you know I am a Civil Engineering Tech. I found this to be very amusing.

Hope you enjoy!

March 21, 2013

Accutane | Week 21

Samantha, did you forget to write an Accutane update?!
Hell no!
I've been thinking about it all week. As some of you are aware I tend to write my posts at work. I've been super busy, like always, and wasn't able to give you the dirt this week in a prompt manner.

However, I have managed to respond to most comments, which in my book is awesome for a blogger to do. Gold star for Sam. I have also added buttons to my side bar and updated my Sponsors page. I haven't actually figured out how it works but I am proud I'm getting better at working with HTML codes.

I wasn't able to take my double dose on the weekend. I just didn't feel right. My tummy was upset and I had a migraine.
I haven't had a nose bleed but I have... know you... found dry blood. Ew, no one needs to know that. My eyes have also been very dry.

My doctor told me that I’m very lucky and have seemed to respond well to this treatment without major incident. I’m a little skeptical about my health in the future but I’m glad he is happy with my results.
 I sometimes feel like his little lab rat. Luckily at the end of my experiment I live. Poor Mr. Rat.

I have read many reviews on Diane 35 and people are always saying they have either lost or gained weight. I have stayed the same. There were times when I felt like I engorged and couldn't even breathe right but there were also moments (rare moments) when I felt ‘slimmer’. I assume I perceived my body to be ‘different’ when I was retaining water.

So… Here is my face. These picture as super sexy. I know. Just can't get enough.

I feel like all the pictures I have seen of acne victims/prisoners are depressing and sad. So I will try to smile a little more. Most days it’s hard to open up and show people our skin.

For some make-up is a mask to hide under and others a form of expression. I see myself as being a party to both desires/needs.

 I have continued using Bio Oil on my cheeks and have not broken out yet. It seems like its working. What do you think? Also, my Nivea container has not left my bedside table. It has been keep me flake free for a full month. It doesn't look bad under foundation and it gives me some time to work with the Estée Lauder Foundation I've been loving.

How you doin?

March 12, 2013

Appraised | Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup, Estée Lauder

I know.
My skin is looking better everyday and here I am buying a full coverage foundation.
I have been eyeing Estée Lauder foundations for a little while.  It all started when they launched Invisible Fluid Makeup last summer.

 Before that  I had always thought of Estée Lauder as a mature women's brand.  I now realize that they cater to a variety of women.  They even have blue/purple/green mascara!
And yes,  I do want to buy one of those mascaras. The blue one... Maybe the purple. Or green? I don't know.

Any-who, back to the foundation.

This foundation retails for about $43 (CAD). It is a medium to full coverage foundation.
It has no shimmer, no SPF and comes in a variety of undertones.

I've been wearing this for the past week and have the inkling that this will soon become my holy grail full coverage foundation. I can't say that it is  yet but it's sure climbing to the top.

I realize my eye shadow is looking crazy but it's only because I tried making a video for you.

My colour is 2W2 Rattan.
I absolutely love how yellow this foundation is.

I just can't stop wearing it.
I wear it as a concealer during the week and on weekends I wear a full face.

I'm in love again. I've been finding it really hard to love products lately. And that's why I didn't do February Favourite.
By the way the fragrance I have been wearing all month is called In Love Again. I had no idea it was limited edition. I guess I could have included it in my February Favourites.

Here are some pictures to demonstrate the finish. 
I'm such a model... lol. Sometimes it feels funny posing for these pictures.


It's been a long day and I'm feeling a bit crazy. 
So I wanted to share with you my crazy-smiley-eyes.

The following is the face I make after spending 2.5 hrs making a video only to realize that my eye shadow is uneven.
As I said earlier I tried making a video.
Part of the video was me applying the foundation... Apparently I don't know how to blend.
BTW, would you like me to do the 'No Mirror Make-up Challenge?'

My artistic abilities are sooooo good. I know you thought those glasses were real!

It's bedtime.
Kisses and hugs.

*Random Update*
If you leave this foundation outside, lets say in your car, overnight at -9⁰C it wont freeze.

Haul | Embracing Red, Rimmel London

I realize spring is knocking at my door but it seems I’m not ready to let go of the winter red lip. I love red lips and I am finally moving into the bright orange reds. This is an exciting time for me. 

930-Bronze Goddess, 400-Berry Queen, 410-Fleur Tatious, 420- Burgundy Delight

930- Bronze Goddess
I know this isn't a red and I shouldn't have purchased it. Honestly I did not love this colour on me. It had too much shimmer. I guess I have lots of wrinkles on my lips because this accentuated everything.

400-Berry Queen
This was a very pretty colour. It was very bright and happy. This is a beautiful colour for spring. I looks like it has a bright orange undertone and it seems to work on my skin colour. The finish is glossy, with a high shine and no glitters. 

410-Fleur Tatious
Does anyone how what the name means?
Honestly this colour is almost identical to 400-Berry Queen. It is just a darker version with brown undertones. Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong (I might be colour blind). The finish is identical to the previous one and it feels lovely on the lips.

420-Burgundy Delight
This colour satisfies my Gothic cravings and can still look wearable. Just like the previous two colours it applies like a glossy lipstick with no shimmers. It has brown undertones which complements my skin colour wonderfully.

Wait for it….
Here I am, with another crazy hair day. I am not sure if those baby hairs will ever become part of my bangs or if they forever will refuse to grow. Nothing a little wax can’t fix.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find my favourite hair wax/gel and I did in fact spray the hell out of my baby hairs but they refuse to be tame.

930-Bronze Goddess,

400-Berry Queen

410-Fleur Tatious

420- Burgundy Delight

Quick FYI:
This is what I started with.
Some old make-up from work. No colour on lips.

The style of lipstick doesn't dry on my lips but I can see this travelling if you’re not careful. It does not set and is transferable. As for a stain I don’t feel that it leaves a nice stain. Of course these might wear different on you. Have you tried these? What do you think about wearing a red lip in the spring?

March 11, 2013

Accutane | Week 20

Hey You!

I went to my doctors this week and was told that I only have 3 weeks to go.
I'm a little confused. I definitely thought that I had until the end of April.

Any-who, my skin feels so smooth. I know I'm not suppose to exfoliate but I can't help it. Exfoliating has improved the dryness on my face.

I have also started applying Bio Oil on my cheeks.
Before Accutane I tried applying Bio Oil and broke out so be careful. It seems that my skin needs a little extra love.

I purchased a new foundation which has a high coverage and I am in love.

Talk to you soon gorgeous!

March 06, 2013

Accutane | Week 19

Hey there good looking!
We are almost there! Or I am almost there.

The end of my Accutane treatment is in sight. Coupled with my excitement I fear of what will happen when I stop taking Accutane.  Will the acne-trolls show their ugly heads in a months’ time? Will I have these scars forever? What can I do about the dents (that is safe)?

As I approach the end I am finding it hard to get motivated to go to doctors’ appointments and lab tests. I don’t feel ready to be cut from Accutane’s strings.

This week I have had no break out and things are finally settling down at work. Well actually this lull or peace I’m experiencing will be short lived. We have many upcoming projects. I’m actually surprised that I have had no breakouts. I had to stop using any and all skin care products save Vaseline and Nivea (original, blue tube).

 My scary face. MUAHAHA

FYI, I have a scar on this eyebrow that's why it always looks crazy.

I know it’s been a long time since we've talked but I promise I will try harder to talk to you from now on.

Love you lots!

March 01, 2013

Random | Etsy Love

Hey guys!
I wanted to share with you a small list of Etsy shops that I absolutely love.

I usually don’t like or care for ‘rustic’ or ‘natural’ looking jewelry… maybe the term is boho. As of late I have been starting to enjoy the look a little more. Although I have finally started to move in this direction I have had this seller on my favorites for a very long time. The attention to detail is what suckered me in and I’m planning to purchase something in the near future.

I just finished off saying that ‘boho’ is not my thing. Novelty pieces are also not my thing but just look at this piece.

I love this. Nothing more to say.

This is similar to the previous shop but dark metals are used.

I absolutely love her style. It reminds me of Victorian times. There was an emphasis on ruffles and perfectly cut lines that defined a women’s figure.

If I ever get married I would like my bridal shower to be held at a manor. I would like it to be more of an intimate tea time with my family. I would love to be wearing a dress similar to this. Elegant, clean and simple are the words that come to mind when I look at her designs.