February 12, 2013

Accutane | Week 16

I've had a couple minor break outs on my cheeks. It appears that my theory of ‘pimples under the skin which need to surface’ is true. Also, when I went to my doctor he did say that what was growing on my arm is in fact eczema. It is not Dermatophytosis aka Ringworm… You like how last week I didn't call it that. It sounds disgusting so I used the technical name. He prescribed some cream which nuked that puppy within a day. Thoughts concluded from this week… go to the doctor. Putting tea tree oil on it and Vaseline isn't going to fix things as fast as drugs do. This is ironic actually. I don’t like taking medication or prescription drugs. This is probably why my acne and my eczema got so bad. Lately I have been getting more complements on my skin which is of course wonderful!

Bye Beautiful!

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