January 28, 2013

Accutane | Week 14

So people it’s been 14 weeks and I have shown major improvement. I have burned myself, peeled and this week I have a huge hormonal pimple on my cheek!! I know, I shouldn't complain because my skin looks great compared to the beginning of my journey but I want to see more improvement.
I started this journey being okay with a little improvement and as I have progressed it seems I'm never satisfied. I feel like I am slowing down and its upsetting.

My tummy hasn't hurt this week and my eczema has not spread... This is going to be gross, it seems like I have Dermatophytosis. It turns out that for people with eczema or that have thin skin you are more susceptible to getting this grossness. Here I was thinking it was eczema and upon closer inspection, by my mom, we started to think, “Hey this might not be eczema”. When I go to the doctors I will update you on what it really is.

Anyway I will stop my complaining!
Chio for now!

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