January 29, 2013

Favourites | January 2013

Here I am people.
I wanted to share my January favourites with you.
Just a quick disclaimer a lot of the products I will be showing were influenced by Estée from EssieButton.

So here they are:

The first product is Caudalie Divine Oil. This product is absolutely stunning! I apply it right after I step out of the shower when my skin is still damp. The smell is contagious! It has sweet notes but is still very therapeutic and spa like. This oil is the only product that has decrease my eczema flare ups. I was very apprehensive to use this on my face and hair. Although this product did seem a bit heavy while my hair was drying, it was barely noticeable when completely dry. It did leave my hair feeling nourished and soft. There were a couple products I was going to mention from The Body Shop as loves for this month but I ended up having a reaction to the products (Wise Women line and Vitamin E line). For now this is standing in as my night cream.

The Caudalie SOS Thirst Serum. This product is amazing on its own and when coupled with my holy grail Antipodes Brightening and Toning Serum does wonders for my skin. I wouldn't say that the Caudalie serum replaces my Antipodes because they do different things for my skin. The Antipodes helps to correct my pigmentation issues while the Caudalie improve the texture of my skin. As you know the texture on my cheeks is quite ugly. The Caudalie makes my skin more supple and hydrated making my naked skin look 'beautiful' and 'improves' the way foundation sits.

I have always wanted to try Nuxe Reve De Miel and after months of looking for it I finally found it. When I first applied it I was grossed out. It left my lips feeling sticky and gross. When I looked at my lips my skin was peeling off. I figured that it was high time to exfoliate my lips. When I did, which by the way I bought Clarins Lip Exfoliate and it couldn't cut through the grossness so I had to use sugar, and re-applied, it left my lips feeling soft and extended the re-applying periods of my Lypsyl. I recommend it as a night treatment I don't like it for day use.

I have been complaining about my gross chapped lips for what seems like decades. I have now found a lip balm that is travel friendly and lets me go 2-3 hrs without re-apply. Lypsyl in the flavour Cherry has become my all-time favourite. It is hydrating, applies clear never leaving a white cast on my lips, it's cheap and it's thicker (Diameter, makes applying quick) then most stick lip balms. The texture is somewhere in between Chapstick and Nivea Essential Lip Care. I love it. I can't be without it. I even gave one to my boyfriend... Because he needs it and if I ever forget mine he has one. That's called planning ahead ladies.

Summer is here baby! I wish. I have loved the Prestige Skin Loving Minerals this month. I do tend to overdo this bronzer/highlighter. I usually end up looking like Beyoncé’s legs when she wears the shimmery tights. Gold Goddess are the words that come to mind when I apply this.

Favourite eyebrow pencil possibly of all time is the Annabelle Skinny Brow Liner in Universal Light! That’s right, it seems like I have been finding my holy grails in the last couple months.

Aloe Vera Gel by Fruit of the Earth. Oh how I love you! This is the product that helped heal my skin and soothe it. What can I say it’s just perfect! I continue to use it even now that my skin is healed. I feel like it improves the texture of my skin and the pigmentation issues I had. I was trying to find the ingredients and it’s really hard to pin point what exactly is in Aloe Vera Gel. The only ingredient on the bottle is Aloe Vera Gel... Way to go people! I’m pretty sure that multiple teachers have told me throughout life “don’t use Wikipedia” so I found some information on LiveStrong. ‘Cause they’re legit.  You can find the ingredients here. It doesn't look harmful but don’t get it near your eyes this stuff burns.

Now for some geekery... Mouses and keyboards. I know this isn't beauty related but I researched my butt off to find the perfect keyboard and mouse combo for AutoCAD. The mouse I use at work is the Performance MX by Logitech. I can use this baby 6m-10m away from my desk... Not that I would need to do that. The keyboard is the Wireless Solar Keyboard K750. Some people call me crazy for buying these but hey I want to be comfortable at work. Two complaints I have about this keyboard is that when you have CAPS on there is no light! Can we all agree that that’s annoying? Also, if you have smallish hands you might have to get use to how spaced out the letters are. At home I use a Samsung 14” Netbook so this took some getting used to.

Well beautiful. It seems that this is all for January. I can't say that I will be posting these monthly but it feels so good to make this post.

Bye for now.

Favourite Quote:
 Love reckons hours for months, and days for years; and every little absence is an age.
-John Dryden

Blogger Land | Blue Times

I’m sure that new bloggers feel the same way that I do.  Sad when views are down, no subbies or don’t feel motivated to write. The one thing that gets me out of this rut is when people leave comments. I would love to say that this blog is purely for my own entertainment, and I’m sure that on some level it is, but what makes blogging worthwhile, IMO, is making connections. Talking to people with the same interests as you. Making friends and networking.

It has always been my intention to start making videos but I’m never happy with the way they come out. You know the usual thoughts run in your mind, “My nose looks huge at that angle! When did I get a double chin? My face looks disproportionate to my body. WOW, can you speak properly please!” Just last week I uploaded my first YouTube video and within 2hrs I took it down. I was the same with my first blog post and I continue to modify things here on my blog. My main reason for wanting to start a YouTube channel is so you can see my personality. Get to know me better.

It is really hard to make a video and edit it. Then to upload it and wait for a response, it’s painful. For someone who is a perfectionist it’s really hard to say, “I’m going to upload this and just wait”.
Some people find it easy but when you’re talking with the big world you need things to come out nice. I hope that when I do upload something you will be there to greet me. And to all the beautiful Beauty Bloggers and YouTubers that are just starting out congratulations.

I know the following picture has almost nothing to do with this post but I'm around computers all day, everyday and this is how I feel sometimes.

January 28, 2013

Accutane | Week 14

So people it’s been 14 weeks and I have shown major improvement. I have burned myself, peeled and this week I have a huge hormonal pimple on my cheek!! I know, I shouldn't complain because my skin looks great compared to the beginning of my journey but I want to see more improvement.
I started this journey being okay with a little improvement and as I have progressed it seems I'm never satisfied. I feel like I am slowing down and its upsetting.

My tummy hasn't hurt this week and my eczema has not spread... This is going to be gross, it seems like I have Dermatophytosis. It turns out that for people with eczema or that have thin skin you are more susceptible to getting this grossness. Here I was thinking it was eczema and upon closer inspection, by my mom, we started to think, “Hey this might not be eczema”. When I go to the doctors I will update you on what it really is.

Anyway I will stop my complaining!
Chio for now!

January 25, 2013

Tag | Beauty Bedroom Challenge: Vivacious Vixen

Hey there good-looking,
I saw this challenge on Sprinkle of Glitters blog and decided that I should join in on the fun!

I really tried to get inspired for this look but couldn't find anything out of the ordinary to share with you all.
The point of the challenge was to try something new... Maybe even a little darling. Here is my look hope you like it.

 Vivacious Vixen!

Bye for now!

January 22, 2013

Challenge | Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test

 I decided to take the Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test which was fun and interesting.
I think the test actually describes me perfectly.

Take the test it's free and easy. 
What were your letters?

January 21, 2013

Accutane | Week 13

Greetings to all.
I know that last week I was overjoyed by how my skin was looking... but now I'm feeling like I can never catch a break. In my last post I ended the week with burnt skin  from some of the new products I was trying. This week I saw the result of my little adventure.  I was unaware how much my face had burned. Turns out it was my whole face, not just my forehead, chin and neck. My face started peeling; its really quite gross. Since I didn't know how bad the burn was I was really unprepared for it to start peeling. I had to combat the flaking with many new products. I will be mentioning them in my January favourites.

I did have one hormonal pimple close to my chin and it has healed nicely.

Other than the peeling and flaking there isn't much to complain about. I still have what looks to be pimples under the skin. I hope that they soon will disappear so I can see the actual damage that has been left.

This week I have been eating super poorly and not going to the gym. Eating like this did help me realize I don’t get pimples from peanuts. This is another way for me to tell you I chowed down on a whopping 7 snickers this week. How am I not fat?! You can see the things I eat on instagram if you wish.

I hope you find yourself in good health.
And may the force be with you.

January 16, 2013

Paper Bag Princess | Cold Work Day

Today was a cold and miserable day so I decided to take you with me. :)

I don't usually photograph the days I'm in the office because I know that's just plan boring.

I went out surveying again with another co-worker. I wasn't able to take as many photos because it was too cold and we wanted to complete the job quickly.

Here I am cold on a snow bank very close to falling to my death trying to take pictures... I'm kidding there was a mini creek 2m below me. I wouldn't have died, depending how I fell, but I would have been very cold.

I tried taking a picture on how far I was from the water but it turns out that's quite hard to do with. Ya to me for failing at photography!

This was one of the drier parts of the creek. Lots of rocks and fallen trees.

My co-worker was setting up the instrument. We used the level and rod method instead of the Total Station we used last time. This method is a little more time consuming, IMO, and all the data you record is in a field book instead of being stored in a digital file.

The point of all this was to measure this retaining wall. The retaining wall/head wall, a large culvert and smaller storm pipes (the two you can see) were installed recently and we were checking if it was installed correctly. 

Here I am attempting to show you the height of the culvert... my rod is facing the wrong way (we usually measure things in metric units not imperial).

According to the rod it looks like the retaining wall is 13.2ft +/-  (4.0m +/-). 
Very tall, I know... What I didn't take photos of was when I was at the bottom. It creeped me out being down there. There was some sort of animal in the culvert. Small but scary.

Hope your having a great day!

January 15, 2013

The Web | Instagram

I am now on Instagram.
You know the drill.

January 14, 2013

Accutane | Week 12

This week I've had no big or even medium pimples.


I could sing with happiness… “The hills are alive with the sound of music…

Yes, I’m that happy. I had one tiny pimple on my forehead close to my hair line. Last week I was feeling all bummed out because my skin looked like poop. The texture was crap and looked horrible under makeup. This week I've had lots of rest and have been using some pretty amazing products which will be featured in my first ever Favorites! My skin still has a weird texture but its better than before.

 Woo hoo.

I finally feel like I can breathe. I have been awakened. Is that too dramatic? Probably.

I’m sure everyone is happy I did my eyebrows for this post. When I say 'did' my eyebrows I mean plucked... I probably should have filled them in and done my hair. Sorry, no need to get upset. It was almost getting to be ridiculous how ugly they looked.

I applied some self tanner on the weekend and it seems to helped hide the scariness. Obviously it didn't show up well.

One of the products I was using this week burned my neck, chin and forehead. It doesn't look like it but it has that burned texture. Ewww. If your on Accutane be very careful what you put on your face.

I hope you’re having a lovely day!

January 08, 2013

The Web | For my Canadians

If you love skin care then you’re like me. I am always looking at new products and their reviews. I often shy away from purchasing things online because of the exorbitant shipping charges some companies expect Canadians to pay. It’s truly a disappointment when you have been lusting after a certain product but can’t justify the shipping charge. UPS I have come to hate you. I recently purchased a mineral foundation kit that cost $60. Once it arrived at my door I had to pay an extra $45!
 Lesson learned.

I have since restricted my skin care shopping to department stores, drug stores and Canadian based websites.

The following are sites I have visited or ordered from:

Spa Boutique
I have ordered many things from Spa Boutique. They have a lot of brands including organic and luxury lines. They offer some sort of discount after your first purchase but if you do the math it’s like 5% off after any purchase above $100. This is pretty easy to do when buying skin care but the annoying thing is they present it as if you’re getting a better deal after every $100. Oh no honey I can see right through that ad. The shipping time is about two weeks which I am fine with. Overall great customer service. 

I recently discovered Murale. Apparently they are part of the Shoppers Drug Mart family.  This means that you can earn shoppers optimum points. What?! That’s pretty cool. I have yet to compare their prices with other companies and am creating a wish list for future purchases. Shipping is $8 CAD with no max to exempt the shipping charge. That sucks. So this is something to consider when purchasing from them.
Premier Spa Boutique
This website seems to have pricier merchandise but is limited to certain brands. I will have to buy an item and review it. For you guys of course. I am just the ginny pig.

January 07, 2013

Accutane | Week 11

I always start with my tummy. It hasn't been bothering me this week but I have noticed that my body has been going through a detox of its own. The unhealthy foods are no longer as appealing as they use to be. This might be a result from the binge I had last week. Have you ever binged and noticed that the following week you've lost weight and no longer want bad foods? I know that people who hit plateaus in their diet on occasion do this to kick start weight lose.

Any Hoo. I have felt my body weakening  and my muscles feel tight. I have no idea if this might be caused by Accutane or if it could be a simple case of laziness taking its toll on the body. I promised myself that I would hit the gym regularly and guess what peeps?! I haven't even packed my gym bag.

I have been looking at my previous posts and they have started to look the same. The progress is slower than before. The texture of my skin still looks horrible under make-up.  The redness is fading slowly but I'm starting to get impatient. I have had break outs on my chin and cheeks. The ones on my chin are more like deep hard pimples. The ones on the cheeks are cystic acne but come to the surface faster than before.

Honestly these are pretty good pictures. The texture of my skin is still like rolling waves.

I'm feeling a little depressed about the improvement of my skin. How are you doing?

January 06, 2013

Mode Choice | FOTD: Red Lips

I will warn you there are a lot of scary faces I make in this post.

Here is the first creepy face. I moisturized with Wise Women Regenerating Day Cream (The Body Shop). This product has little sparkles. 

I decided I wanted to use a heavy coverage product. I ended up using MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer in the colour NC 35.

I set the foundation with Yong Blood Natural Mineral Loose Foundation in the colour Warm Beige.

I wanted my eyebrows to be strong so I was heavy handed when applying my brow colour (Gosh Eyebrow Pen in the colour Wheat).

I applied a Brule from MAC just to even out my lid colour.

 I always mess up the eyeliner and can never get them even. I love the winged eyeliner look and have been practicing for years. I guess I'm broken. I just can't do it.

I added some falsies.

On the lips I have on Hot'n Sweet, 139, from Gosh and on the cheeks I have MAC Mineral Skinfinish in the colour Medium Dark.

Here's my look guys. I hope you enjoyed it!