November 21, 2012

Accutane | Week 5

Hi everyone, I am back with an update. This is my first week of upping my dosage and here's what I experienced.

This might be TMI but I have never been one to slather lotions every time I step out of the shower. If I do put anything on it is usually a body oil. Tuesday of this week I did as I usually do, which was to put nothing on (lotion... I know what you were thinking!). Sadly within two hours my skin became unbelievably itchy and dry. Suffice it to say me and Total Moisture Cocoa Radiant had some time alone in the bathroom at work.

The texture of my ears has returned to normal. They are no longer dry and cracking but still itchy and swollen.

My skin has felt overly sensitive, dry and very itchy.

My cheeks get an ashy look by the end of the day so I think I'm might have to switch to a tinted moisturizer soon.

My eyes feel like the Sahara desert. They are barely producing enough tears to keep my lids lubed up. And another complaint my mouth has been super dry and I am still having problems drinking water. I just don't seem to enjoy it. I usually do.

The stomach pains I was experiencing have subsided.

I feel like I should write something positive. As I have mentioned every week I have seen an improvement in my skin. I will begin my saying that I have been a very bad girl when it comes to skin care. I have been using the Reversa cleanser and I have not been washing my face afterward. I did experiences a minor break out on my cheek and in my temple area.

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