November 19, 2012

Accutane | Week 4

This week was super relaxing. I finally had time for a manicure and got my hair done. I am of the belief that in order for me to function properly I need to treat myself to the finer things in life. If my schedule allowed I would go to the spa every week. Sadly, I just don't have time. I have been getting into a routine when it comes to food. I will try to start posting what I eat daily. I do believe that what you put in your body directly affects how you feel and look.

Anyway, on to Accutane.

This Week
I met with my derm and he like the progress my skin was making. He decided that my liver can take a little more abuse and upped my prescription to 60mg once every day and two 60mg a day for one day. I will begin to increase my pills this week.

My skin looks like its purging. I have not had any flare ups but I do get white heads that heal pretty quickly. The holes are still noticeable but only time will soften the look of them. For those who have had persistent acne your skin can start looking purple in the areas where you constantly have cystic acne. Many believe that the dark areas as scars but if that were the case why do they seem to be fading?

My lips are still chapped but that's not a big deal I will need to invest in a better lip balm. If anyone cares about my ears yes they are dry and starting to peel. Ewww gross. My nose has started to peel too and when I blow my nose I find dry blood.

I had just showered and moisturized. I apologize for the wet dog look. 

Will be day with another update soon.

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